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We can find your perfect domain name and get it registered within a few minutes and it is yours for however long you want!


We will design your website without any charge or fees.

We will talk to you about your business and make sure it’s something both you and we  will be proud of.


We will host your new website without charge or fees within the free period and afterwards for a very low quarterly fee


We will provide you with a free domain 25GB email address so that your business looks very professional and help you to set it up.


SSL gives your website a padlock that is displayed in the browser bar, reassuring visitors they're safe on your site and its free.


If you already have a domain name and/or Website and thinking about transferring to Studio164, then we’ve made it easier than ever!

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Do you already have your domain name?

Transfer it over to Studio164 for £1.99 and we can set up your website on the powerful servers with 99.9% uptime, guaranteed


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Migrating your website from one host to another can be quite challenging, but we’ll help your to do this and ensure your website stays online and available.


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READ about our Covid-19 story work

Covid-19 and Our Help to Small Businesses

Since March 2020 a large number of small businesses have struggled to keep going and to earn sufficient income to survive.

A lot of them did not consider a website but now in these difficult times they need to get their services and/or products to a wider audience as possible for a website is one of the ways to do that.

A website also provides your business with a higher perception of respectability, having both a domain email address and a certificate attached to your website to tell existing and prospective clients that it is safe,it is so important.

Covid-19 has made it impossible for us to visit both new and existing Clients and take about their business and explain how we can help.

So if we can’t come to you we have to be inventive and use technology to talk to you and show you what we can do and when we begin your website show you it’s progress and make sure we are on the correct path.

We use three different platforms to do this, Facetime, Microsoft Teams and Zoom as well as actually taking on the phone or mobile.

Back in the early summer of 2020 we decided that one of the best ways we can help our local business’s is to provide them with the means to get onto the Internet but as they were receiving very little or no income, to provide our services without any charge or fees.

As the Pandemic has continued on, we are still providing the majority of our services free of charge and we will continue to do so until at least the end of May, 2021.   We are hoping by this time that businesses will be able to operate a little more freely but if it is not possible by that date then we will extend our free period, one month at a time.

Mail: services@studio164.co.uk?subject=Question from Mobile Website #img_673

A word of caution to our Clients using our Free Website Design Service - Studio164 will design your website to your requirements but the content, that is both images and text, used in the Website is totally the responsibility of the Client and/or the Registrant of the domain name used. You should read the content very carefully and ensure that such content is not copied without the usual consents.

Any individual “Content” in the Website remains the property of the Client and/or the owner of the domain name and shall not be copied or used without such consent being obtained.

** After the special offer period, web hosting will cost approximately the equivalent of £2.50 per month, payable annually.

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