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helping to support small businesses

How do we do it without charge?

We are a community not for profit organisation whose mission is always going to be to design free professional websites for all our clients.

Wherever possible we attempt to bring our services without any charge or fee but where that it not possible we negotiate the lowest terms with our providers and bring you those benefits.

- free website design

- domain names

- email address(es)

- web hosting

- SSL Certificates

- on-line marketing

- on-line security solutions

What we do!


Free website migration

Migrating your website from one host to another can be quite challenging, but we’ll help your to do this and ensure your website stays online and available.


Just to reassure you -

When you select the button above, an online Form of ours will open, hosted by 123FormBuilder. The Form is secure so it will be fine to complete it and submit the information which will be routed to us.

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* Our Free Services Offer is only available to new clients

If you already have a domain name and/or Website and thinking about transferring to Studio164, then we’ve made it easier than ever!

Domain transfer *

Do you already have your domain name?

Transfer it over to Studio164 for £4.80 and we can set up your website on the powerful servers with 99.9% uptime, guaranteed






We can find your perfect domain name and get it registered within a few minutes and it is yours for however long you want!

We will design your website without any charge or fees.

We will talk to you about your business and make sure it’s something both you and we  will be proud of.

We will host your new website without charge or fees within the free period and afterwards for a very low quarterly fee

We will provide you with a free domain 25GB email address so that your business looks very professional and help you to set it up.


SSL gives your website a padlock that is displayed in the browser bar, reassuring visitors they're safe on your site.