After we have designed your FREE Website, the next stage is to get your completed website into Internet-land so that when anyone types your domain name into their browser, hey presto, up appears your website.

Part of the services we offer is to provide you with inexpensive web hosting.

For a standard website without too many bells and whistles, web hosting begins from £2.49 per month, payable annually based on a 12 month contract.  Most of our Clients pay around £3 per month equivalent.

We can also provide you with web hosting even if we have not designed your website and at our lower costs.

When you accept web hosting from us you also get a domain Email Address up to 2GB capacity.

You can also have additional Email addresses for a small annual charge.

We try to keep the costs below what you would normally pay with other Internet Providers, as we know how important outgoing expenses are to your business.