Find a Domain Name?

If you would like us to design your FREE Website, the first thing we do is to find the right domain name for your business.

As you will see from the image to the left, there are so many domain names with different endings, like “”, “”, “.com”, “.net” etc.

We will search the Domain Names Registries and try and find the some suitable name for you.

We will then register it for you, in your name, so that it remains your property for as long as you wish to renew it after 12 months.

We will look after it so and remind you when it is due for renewal and then renew it for you, if you wish.

A domain name is important for your business, but try and keep it as short as you are able whilst still keeping the title of your business.  The shorter it is the less likely for a viewer to mis-type it when entering it into their browser.

Should you decide to purchase the same domain name with different endings, then we can still point the second domain name to your single website, so whichever is used it will still find your website.