A domain name & an email account

You may decide that you do not require a website but you would still like to give your business that extra official look by having a domain name and a matching email account.

All this is very possible and if you have a domain name then at any time in the future you can use it to have a website if your plans change.

We provide an email account which has up to 25GB capacity.  If you decide you would like an additional email account then that will only cost an additional £5 per year. Each email account will have its own 25GB capacity.

We will help you to set up your new email account(s) on your computer or smart phone etc as no cost.

After registration of your chosen domain name, we can also provide you with a domain Email address, up to 2GB capacity so that it makes your business look more professional.

If you only purchase a domain name, without a website, the annual fee for a “co.uk” domain name and a domain Email address is £19.80 per year.

There are always lots of options, so call Barrie on 07964 628833 to discuss your exact requirements.